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We Jaya Ambika & Ranjan Badarmal, working as a Complete Financial Advisor in Bengaluru from 1989 bringing 33 Years of vast Experience.

We began as an Life Insurer at LIC and as time advanced, we stepped into the Insurance and Mutual Funds arena, to do not one, but all Major Insurance & Investment service such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance and Mutual Funds.

The Main Objective of this journey and all the Hard Work associated with it is to ensure each Client gets a Policy best suited to his needs for his Financial Well-Being.

  • We qualified for Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), twice in 2014 & 2020.
  • We have achieved 1 Crore+ premium in a Single Day, twice.
  • We are specialised in providing tax free on EEE (Entry,Earning,Exit) for High Networth Individual (HNI) Clients.
  • We have recieved multiple awards such as Top Performer, Performer of Month, Star Performer, Key Business Partner, etc.
  • We are serving 850+ Clients.


Listed below are a few plans from LIC of India, NIVA Bupa Health Insurance, Star Health and Mutual Funds.
For more details on the below plans or geting customised support, please feel free to fill the form here or Contact US.



Jeevan Anand

It is a combo of Short & Long term Policy. It provides Sum Assured & Bonus at end of the premium paying term. Risk cover throughout life, Sum Assured will be paid on maturity / death which ever earlier.

Jeevan Shiromani

It is a limited Premium payment Money Back plan especially designed for High Net-worth Individuals. Min Sum Assured 1 Crore, Inbuilt Critical Illness Benefits with Guaranteed & Loyalty Addition.

Jeevan Umang

This is One of the Best plan which provides tax free returns at 8% of sum assured every year after premium paying term with liquidity along with lumpsum amount on maturity.

Jeevan Labh

Best Long Term with limited Premium payment plan. It comes in three terms : 16yrs, 21yrs and 25yrs. Premium Paying terms will be 10yrs, 15yrs and 16yrs respectively.

Jeevan Lakshya

It is a limited Premium paying plan. It helps secure goals even in Proposer's absence & provides Annual Income Benefits till the end of Policy term, Sum Assured & Bonus for achiving Goal as set.

Bima Shree

It is a limited Premium payment Money Back plan. Min Sum Assured 10 Lakhs with Guaranteed & Loyalty Addition. It comes in four terms : 14yrs, 16yrs, 18yrs, and 20yrs.

Money Back

It is a Money Back plan. 20years, 25years with Premium Paying Term 15 years, 20 years. Money Back 20% , 15% respectively every 5th year balance on Maturity along with Bonus.

Jeevan Tarun

It is a Children's plan for their various needs especially suitable for Post Graduation & Marriage. It provides option to choose various returns every year from the age of 20 to 24 and lumpsum at 25.

Term Plan Jeevan Amar

Pure Protection plan with level Sum Assured & Increasing Sum Assured, Non Smoker & Smoker, Premium Mode Single Yearly Half Yearly Limited Payment. Optional Accident Benefit.

New Jeevan Shanti

Guaranteed Annuity throught lifetime on Single Premium paymentPlan. Option Single or Joint, Annuity Immediate or Deferred, Mode Yly Hly Qly Mly, with Purchase Price or without Purchase Price.

Jeevan Arogya Rakshak

This is LIC's Health Plan for the family which provides fixed benefit option as choosen by you in Policy and one can claim hospital expenses ( if you have another Mediclaim Policy ) both the policy.

Optional Riders

  1. Accident Benefit
  2. Accidental Death & Disability Benefit
  3. Premium Waiver Benefit
  4. New Term Assurance rider
  5. New Critical Illness Benefit rider


Niva Bupa ReAssure 2.O Plan

ReAssure 2.0 is now available, with the industry-first features like,
⏰Lock the Clock : Pay premium as per your entry age, until you claim.
🔄ReAssure Forever : Now get back your base sum insured over and above the balance, unlimited times, forever.
đź’°Booster+ : Carry forward your balance sum insured up to 10X.
🛡️Safeguard+ : Covers all non-payables.

Senior First Plan

Health Protection with a promise of love,
- ReAssure Benefit : It will trigger after the 1st claim itself. It is unlimited.
- Annual Health check up from Day 1.
- No mandatory pre-issuance medical tests
- No sub-limits applicable for common health conditions
- Annual Aggregate Deductible : An optional benefit that make your insurance free from co-pay.

Personal Accident Plan

Sum Insured Option upto 10Cr,
- Permanent Total Disability (PTD)
- Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
- Accidental Hospitalisation (AH) : 10% of sum insured.
- Optional - Temporary Total Disability (TTD) : Earning Members: 2% of Base Sum Insured per week. Maximum INR I Lac per week. For Maximum 100 weeks. Non-Earning Members: 1% of Base Sum Insured per week. Maximum INR 25,000 per week. For Maximum 50 weeks.


Star Comprehensive Insurance Plan

This plan is for Individuals & Family Floater. It covers Delivery New Born Baby, Auto Restoration 100% which can be utilized for same illness. No Claim Bonus 100%, Health Checkup every year, Day Care Treatment. Accidental Cover.

Medi Classic Insurance Gold Plan

This plan is for Individuals. Entry age is 18 to 65 (10% co-pay entry above 60 yrs). It provides Auto Restoration 200%, Super Restoration 100%, No Claim Bonus up to 100%, Health Checkup every claim free year, Cataract, Day Care Treatment.

Senior Citizen Red Carpet

Policy Type Individual & Floater for 10 Lac and above Sum Insured. It provides Health Cover for Senior Citizen throughout life with Co-Pay. Entry age is 60 to 75 Years and Guranteed Life Long Renewal. No Medical Required. PED waiting period is 1 year.


Equity Funds

Equity Funds is Ideal for Long Term Goals only. Ideal Investment horizon is 3+ Years. It has exit load upto 12 Months.

Tax Saver Funds

This is invested in Equity Funds. It provides tax benefits, has 3 yrs Lock-In Period & can be invested in SIP / Lumpsum.

Short Term Funds

This is ideal investment for short/long term. Returns can be redeemed periodically or re-invetsed. Also, can invest in lumpsum or regular / SIP.

Why choose us?

With Experience one learns and grows, sure, but apart from that there are many qualities that set us and our Workstyle apart, which ensures all our Clients being content with our Service, be it Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance or Mutual Funds.

Need Base Package

Each Package that we suggest is specially mind crafted for each Client based on their dreams, the assests they possses & the returns they expect.

Switch for Better Tax Benefits

All the idle money parked in your banks, FD's give less returns & post tax becomes very negligible. It can be put to better use by investing the same in Tax free Policies designed for your needs.


I'm transparent enough to give exact figure outcomes of the policy as per the current rate rather than the step up rate (It shows extraordinary returns but fails to give them).


All the presentations that we give will be through softwares, which provide efficient & accurate values in detail, which prevents human error and saves Client's time.


Liquidity is required in long term investments for any funds required for Need/emergency. We suggest plans keeping enough liquidity for smooth running.

Our Portfolio

Million Dollar Round Table 2014

Million Dollar Round Table 2020

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Independance Day Celebration

1 DAY Crorepathi

Premium Crorepathi

Star Performer

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Insurance: 10-20%, Savings: 10-15%, Medical: 5-10% and Rest All: 50-60%.

  • Grace period is the time granted by the insurer from the due date for the payment of premium, without any penalty or late fee, during which time the policy is considered to be in-force with the risk cover without any interruption

    LIC - Grace Period of 30 days shall be allowed for payment of yearly or half yearly or quarterly premiums and 15 days for monthly premiums from the date of First unpaid premium. If the premium is not paid before the expiry of the days of grace, the Policy lapses.

    NIVA Bupa HEALTH - No Grace Period, STAR HEALTH - No Grace Period, Motor Insurance - No Grace Period.

  • Nominee(s) means the person(s) nominated by the Policyholder (who is also the Life Assured) under this Policy who is (are) authorised to receive the death claim benefit payable under this Policy and to give a valid discharge to the Corporation on settlement of the claim.

  • Revival of a policy means restoration of the policy, which was discontinued due to non-payment of premium, by the insurer with all the benefits mentioned in the policy document, with or without rider benefits if any, upon the receipt of all the premiums due and other charges or late fee, if any, as per the terms and conditions of the policy, upon being satisfied as to the Continued Insurability of the Life Assured.

  • All types of Service are provided along with Claim Assisstance to our clients. Door step service is provided for all services like Premium Payment, Updating PAN/Aadhar/NEFT/MObile/Email, Change of Nominee, Loans on Policy if required, Revival, etc. All Services to our clients are provided at FREE of Cost. New Customers can avail these free service, as a one-time complementry offer!

  • Lapse is the status of the Policy when due premium is not paid within the grace period.

  • Policy Loan : During the Policy Term, loan shall be available under the policy subject to the two full years’ premiums have been paid. Loan is the interest bearing repayable amount granted by the Corporation against the Policy elegible loan value payable to the policyholder, Loan can be repaid in part or full, Interest will be charged on balance amount per annum payable half yealy.

  • Rider Benefits means an amount of benefit payable on a specified event offered under the Rider, and is allowed as add-ons to benefit under Base Policy.

  • Settlement Option available under this Policy, to receive Maturity Benefit in instalments instead of lumpsum amount over a period chosen by the Proposer / Life Assured.

  • Vested Bonus is the simple reversionary bonus, if any, which has already been declared yearly and remains attached to the policy.